James Moriarty

The Napoleon of Crime


According to the mortal world, James Moriarty was a brutal criminal warlord, a gifted mathematician, and a son of Orcus. He dominated a vast criminal empire from his headquarters in Whitechapel and was frequently referred to as the Napoleon of Crime in the newspapers. After a forceful investigation and the dismantling of many his shadow organizations by the great detective Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty fled to Switzerland where he and Holmes met their mutual end at the waterfalls at Reichenbach.

In reality, Moriarty was the scourge of London and a favorite of Empress Britannia. He was deeply efficient in removing foreign influence from around the city and curtailing the advancement of the Tuatha. His death has shaken the divine society of London to the core.


Original text: The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

James Moriarty

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