Horatio Hornblower

Maxwell Horatio Cornelius, son of Neptune


Maxwell Cornelius was a decorated military officer, having risen to prominence against the rebels on the European continent. His official title is the Baron Hungerford, though in the military, he went by his middle name Horatio, along with a regimental nickname of Hornblower. He is a son of Neptune and a scion of the sea. A descendant of the great Cornelius household – he met his wife, the beautiful, warm and kind Alexandria Cabot, when her father was on attache in Spain after he had retired from his services in the Napoleonic Wars and they had a whirlwind romance and married quickly afterwards.

He spends most of his time bitter and in pain in the Diogenes Club, where he fritters away much of the family’s wealth on cards. Alexandria, ever the dutiful wife, tries to comfort him, but he dismisses her. Their marriage has been cold and distant for many years.

He and Alexandria have five children: Talo, Jessica, Hector, Gareth and Violet. Talo is the heir apparent for the Barony of Hungerford and the estate of Stoneshear Hall. However, it turned out that Talo is actually a child of Janus after Alexandria cuckolded Horatio. He now suspects that many, if not all, of his children are bastards.


Original text: The Happy Return by C. S. Forester.

Horatio Hornblower

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