Character Creation

Attributes are distributed 8/6/4. You may not slide any dots.

You may pick your parents from the list of possible parents. Your parent automatically grants you 1 favored attribute and two favored abilities. Of the two purviews, you must pick one to be favored. You may then pick two more attributes, four more abilities and one more purview to be favored.

Abilities: You have 30 points to spend on abilities. None may start at higher than 3. In addition, you begin the game with 15AP, experience points that may only be spent on abilities.

THE SKILL LIST: Academics, Alchemy, Alertness, Animal Ken, Art (), Athletics, Brawl, Defense, Diplomacy, Disguise, Empathy, Etiquette, Fortitude, Intimidation, Investigation, Larceny, Law, Leadership, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee, Occult, Politics, Scrounging, Seduction, Stealth, Streetwise, Subterfuge, Survival, Technology, Thrown, War.

Descriptions of new skills:

  •  Alchemy – Victorian London is home to many a mysterious alchemist. This skill represents the ability to identify alchemy on sight, as well as know its capabilities and its limits – similar to the way the Occult skill functions with magic. This is not an art skill. In order to create art, one must take that skill (probably culinary in this case).
  •  Scrounging – Sometimes you need to be able to find things. "Is there a pair of scissors in the room?", "who knows where I can get a nurse's outfit?" - that kind of thing. Scrounging is your ability to know where to look, ask the right people, and grease the right hands in order to find what you need to make things work.
  •  Technology – Victorian London is the site of hundreds of new innovations. This skill represents the ability to identify and use these new-fangled technologies, which are so new they would not be covered by Academics, such as the telegraph machine, without any issue.  This is not an art skill. In order to create art, one must take that skill (probably engineering in this case).

You begin at Legend 2. You have 10 dots to distribute among epics and boons.

You have five dots to distribute among your virtues: Expression, Intellect, Valor & Vengeance.

Your willpower is equal to the sum of your highest two virtues.

Finally, you have eight points of backgrounds. None may be above three without bonus points. Backgrounds are devotion, divine bond, familiar, nobility, notoriety, resources, retainer and retinue.


  • 4 for attribute
  • 5 for an epic attribute, 4 if its favored
  • 5 for a boon, 4 if its favored
  • 2 for an ability, 1 if its favored
  • 1 for a background, 2 if its is being raised above 3

Character Creation

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