Locales of London

This is a page listing some of the well known locations and districts in London Town, for the benefit of the PCs.


The most notorious rookery in London - a place where even policemen fear to tread. It is widely considered to be the most dangerous area of the city and is covered with the filth and suffering of the poor and the dying. Until his recent death, it was the well-known stomping ground of James Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime, and his death at the hands of Sherlock Holmes has left a vacuum of power in Whitechapel with many criminals trying to fill his place. It contains several pubs and brothels and opium dens – most notably, The Rabbit Hole, an infamous opium den; and The Roasted Man, a cockney pub.


The very heart of London – home to both Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, better known as the Houses of Parliament. It is also a short walk away from Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. It is a well-to-do neighborhood within London and many distant lords and ladies maintain homes in the area when they need to visit the city. It is also the hub of the newly created London Underground.

Hampton Court

Another well-to-do area of London, which famously contains Hampton Court Palace, a palace built during Tudor times. It is also home to The Bell, a public house known for its ability to appeal to a wide audience.

Covent Garden

A red-light district close to the center of London. It is known for its street markets, which sell goods from around the world; its street performers, like jugglers, clowns and acrobats; and naturally, its many, many prostitutes. A slightly nice area of the district, called Drury Lane, is home to the Theatre Royal.


A working class neighborhood, home to Bromley-at-Bow, a former priory, and the famous Bryant and May match factory.

Ludgate Hill

Another working-class neighborhood. It is the home to St. Paul's Cathedral and is center to the religious worship in London Town.


Sometimes known as 'Little India,' Southall is home to thousands of Bangladeshi and Indian immigrants. The neighborhoods here are very poor, but the markets bustle with activity. English is rarely spoken in this district of London and many of the street signs have been blacked out by residents and replaced with foreign scripts in order to confuse outsiders. The Glassy Junction is a well-known pub in this district.

Shepherd's Bush

Another lower class neighborhood and rookery, gathered around Shepherd's Bush Common, a large park. Irish residents have set up a shantytown within the Common itself and protect themselves with the help of the local residents, who have been scared into submission. Also, the home of a large football stadium, which adds to the violence of the area.

Tower Hill

A famous region with little residency, but many important landmarks. First, the Tower of London resides here and gives the area its name – this infamous castle is still used as a prison and currently also holds the Royal Mint. A great bridge, Tower Bridge, is currently under construction near it as well. In addition, the main docks of London exist within this region, with lots of trade in and out. The H.M.S. Warrior, one of the world's first and only iron hulled warships, is currently in dock. The public house known as the Drowned Squid exists here.

King's Cross

Home to King's Cross station, one of the largest and most important railways stations in London. According to urban legend, the Iceni queen and daughter of the Morrigan, Boudicea, is buried under Platform 10. It was the site of her last great battle during Roman times. As such, it has become rife with Welsh and Irish immigrants and is thought to be a place of power for the Celts.

Diagon Alley

A hidden trap street near the center of London, which was remained hidden to mortals for centuries. Some scions and other magical creatures live in this neighborhood in order to avoid detection or communication with the mortal world. There are stores here that sell magical items and the streets are filled with all sorts of coblynau. Another hidden street, Knockturn Alley, is nearby and is known for its seedier reputation.

Locales of London

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