The Divine Government

The Scions of London use an ancient form of government modeled on long forgotten societies. There are four key offices of importance.

First, the Regina Imperialis (or Rex Imperialis, if the occupant is male), commonly known as the Empress. She is the most important member of the court and is in charge of the divine goings-on in London and in the Empire at large. The Empress at present is known as Britannia.

Second, the seneschal. This office is in charge of operating the day to day running of the Empire in general. The current seneschal is Mycroft Holmes, who goes by the moniker of M to mortals as the head of British Intelligence. As part of his position, he set up the Diogenes Club – a fancy club and home-away-from-home for Scions in London.

Third, the sheriff. This office is in charge of maintaining the law and making sure that the Scions of London obey the word of Britannia. He is also in charge of maintaining the magic of the Veil.

Fourth, the scourge. This office is in charge of keeping the other pantheons out of London and maintaining the Augustin grip on the British Empire. As such, they have to maintain a close eye on the Tuatha and Deva communities as well as the Coblynau population. Until recently, this office was occupied by James Moriarty. His death at the hands of his nemesis, Sherlock Holmes, has left the office vacant.

The Divine Government

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